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Giving a Speech


Dr. Heilman provides keynote speeches and guest lectures on a variety of topics. Some speeches include: overcoming adversity, choosing joy, and personality and performance. Additional speeches are designed based on a client's company need or focused on a specific conference theme.

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Business Presentation


Dr. Heilman provides both half-day and full-day workshops.  Topics include: People Map Personality Assessment: Understanding Yourself and Others; Communication Skill Building: Active Listening and Assertiveness Training; Women's Mentorship Program; Team Building; Disability Awareness, and DEI Initiatives. Dr. Heilman is open to new ideas and willing to work with companies to modify or develop new programs based on their specific needs. Dr. Heilman offers additional leadership support through Executive Coaching.

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Doctor and Patient


Dr. Heilman offers specific workshops geared to the medical community.  These workshops focus on providing a holistic approach to client-centered care.  

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Dr. Heilman and her family began The Halle Grace Foundation in memory of their oldest daughter who passed away in 2015.  This non-profit organization works to educate medical pre-professionals on the psychosocial impact disability can have on the patient and the family; advocates, supports and advises families with chronically ill children; and seeks to empower youth living with disabilities.  For more information on Dr. Heilman's work with The Halle Grace Foundation, visit:


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